December/January Update

A new has started – and we are back with a number of events.

Regular Meetings

In December, PhD-students Zeynep Civelek (Psychology) and Caroline Toubourg (Philosophy) lead us in a very interesting session about causality – Zeynep talked to us about new empirical studies and her own experimental work, and Caroline introduced us to thought experiments that illustrated causation from a philosophical perspective.

Central theme of our meetings in the last few weeks was ‘knowledge’ from the perspective of Philosophy and Psychology. We discussed Jennifer Nagel’s paper “Knowledge as a mental state”, which raises some interesting issues how both disciplines use (and understand) the term.


Visit from Tim Williamson

Tim Williamson recently visited St Andrews to talk about ‘Model Building in Philosophy’ – and also took time for a Q&A session with the Mind and Meaning group. Tim talked to us about philosophical notions of knowledge – and the idea of knowledge as a mental state. We want to thank Tim for a very enjoyable afternoon.


ESPP Conference

The official Call for Papers has gone out for the annual meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, taking place in St Andrews next August. We are very excited to host this event – and, of course, about the keynote speakers and symposia! Find out more about keynote speakers, invited symposia, abstract submission, and travel on the ESPP16 website:


Empirical Work at Living Links, Edinburgh Zoo

The monkeys have certainly seen a lot of us this January; we have a few research days at Living Links every week, and we can report some progress: our apparatus works well, most kinks are ironed out, and we even found two foods that the monkeys like equally well for our study. We hope to begin data collection in the next week or two.



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