February Update

Empirical Work at Living Links

Our February was nearly entirely in the small hands of our Living Links Capuchins. Data collection has really taken off – we have left the pilot stage behind and the monkeys are now taking part in the experimental trials. We have even completed one set of trials with one of the monkey groups. We hope that things continue to go well and that all odds are in our favour.

Working with the monkeys at Living Links is currently very rewarding – I now feel like I really get to know the monkeys (not just being able to ID them, but also a bit about their unique personalities), the experimental protocol has a good flow, and we have simply been lucky to have a lot of primate interest in our study.

Alongside with spending a lot of time at the zoo to collect data, Verena also got more involved with the daily work at Living Links. You can now find her, Barry and Nina every day on the visitor platform at 12.30 for a tour of Living Links.


Our plan for the next 6-8 weeks is to complete data collection. Wish us luck!


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