May Update

Workshop “Rethinking Meaning in Animal Communication” at the WiKo, Berlin

In collaboration with Dorit Bar-On, the Rethinking Mind and Meaning Group hosted a workshop at the WiKo in Berlin. We set ourselves the (easy) task of rethinking “Meaning” in animal communication. We were joined by a fantastic group of scientists, amongst them Julia Fischer, Richard Moore, Ulf Liszkowski, Peter Gardenfors,Klaus Zuberbuehler, Manuel Bohn, and Cat Hobaiter.


Fife Science Festival

On the 7th and 8th of May we took “Rethinking Mind and Meaning” to Cowdenbeath to participate in the Fife Science Festival. We prepared a range of activities and media displays to ask children and adults, what they thought “makes a mind”, and which animals have one. Over the two days more than 900 people visited our exhibit – and we had a great time discussing issues like tool use, memory, and communication in all kinds of animals. We also learned a great deal about chickens, sheep, and the amazing minds of some pets – and even asked whether plants like potatoes are capable of some “mindful” things.



Preparation for the ESPP16 are gaining momentum – the call for papers is out, the first abstracts are being submitted, and the website is up and running! Join us for an amazing meeting here in St Andrews! (It’ll be great – we promise).


Empirical Work

Now that we have finished data collection, we are very busy developing our coding scheme, trying it out and validating our method. Coding all our data will take some time, so you might not hear many updates from us till we have finished this big step.


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