June/July Update

Summer School: Understanding Communication – Understanding Cognition: The role of metarepresentation

Verena won a place to attend a summer school on the role of metarepresentation in communication and social cognition at the CEU in Budapest. The summer school brought experts from different fields together to discuss the role (and definition) of metacognition in episodic memory, theory of mind, animal minds, and prelinguistic social cognition. Lectures were accompanied by more in-depth seminars, and it was fantastic to share and discuss these topics with young researchers from various fields.


Elisabeth Camp – The Language of Baboon Thought

On her visit to St Andrews Elisabeth Camp kindly took an afternoon to talk to the Mindrethink group about the “Language of Baboon Thought”. We discussed how thought can be organised without language, for example in mental maps or tree diagrams, and how this could be applied to primate communication and social cognition.


Animal Minds Workshop at Kingsbarns Primary School

Derek and Verena were invited to Kingsbarns Primary School to have a philosophical debate about animal minds with the kids there. We discussed what philosophy is, and how it plays a role when we think about animals. The kids shared their experience and knowledge about animal learning, what it means to be smart, thought about whether there are animal equivalents to human capacities such as language or planning, and whether animals have friends or “love”. We want to thank Miss Spark for inviting us – we had a great afternoon debating with brilliant minds.



Preparations for the ESPP are keeping us very busy these days. We are expecting more than 180 delegates from all over the world for four days of keynotes, symposia, and discussions. Currently we are relishing in the logistic side of conference preparation: booking poster boards, making name tags, sampling biscuits, and formatting abstract booklets. We are getting increasingly excited – and hope that you will join us!



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