August Update


The venue is booked, the name tags are ready, the programme is online, and we made sure there is enough coffee to keep us going – we are ready for the ESPP16! More than 180 philosophers, psychologists, linguists, and interdisciplinarians joined us in St Andrews for four days of keynotes, symposia, and discussions.

The Rethinking Mind and Meaning group made the most of their hosting privileges by inviting Dorit Bar-On, Dave Schuker, and Katie Slocombe to present a symposium on animal communication. The main topic was intentionality – and our presenters showed us work with wild chimpanzees, how communication in insects also fulfils many, if not all, criteria of intentional communication, and how the notion of expressive communication can help us understand language evolution better.

The full programme is available on the website: We also hope to show recordings of the keynote talks and invited symposia there soon.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the ESPP16 and made it such a great event!


Dorit Bar-On’s seminar on Grice and Expressive Communication

We were very happy to welcome Dorit – and of course to discuss with her all things animal communication. Dorit lead a seminar outlining Gricean intentionality – and why the some of the resulting requirements might not be necessary for animal communication to be intentional. Dorit also further developed her ideas on expressive communication as an intermediate between Gricean intentionality and “reflexive” communication.


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