September/October Update

Oslo Meet-up with Paula Rubio Fernandez and Herman Cappelen

Herman and Paula welcomed us in Oslo for an exciting day of meetings and discussions. We spent the morning with Herman discussing the project, our ideas so far, and the general process and ideas of interdisciplinary work. The afternoon with Paula, our main topic was eartly Theory of Mind, and whether a two-systems account is a good explanatory model. We were very impressed by Paula’s empirical work and thoughts on this topic.


Empirical work

We have finished our data coding and moving on to the next steps – this month our aim is to complete the reliability coding and statistical analysis of our data.


Vicky Southgate’s visit

 Vicky came to visit us from Copenhagen, and talked to us about early Theory of Mind, neurological markers of perspective taking, metacognition, and thoughts on empirical approaches to non-verbal ToM tasks. We had a great time discussing paradigms, the newest findings, and the theoretical implications. We would like to thank Vicky for sharing her work with us!


Cafe Philosophique at the Explorathon ’16

Grab a drink, pull up a chair – and listen to Derek explore the question “What do animals think about?’. As part of the Explorathon in St Andrews, Derek invited visitors of all ages to join him in answering this question, voice their own thoughts and skepticism, and hink about what makes animals smart (or not so smart).



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